2. Stories and essays

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  • "The Fantastic Night (Phantastische Nacht)" (1922) by Stefan Zweig

    by Stefan Zweig

    A well-off and rather idle reserve officer in Vienna in June 1913 quite by hazard finds himself at the races in the Prater, the great Viennese public park, and watches the excited behaviour of the crowd during the races with a detached eye. His day and his whole existence are thrown head over (...)

  • "Amok" (1922) by Stefan Zweig

    by Stefan Zweig

    An expatriate doctor on the verge of a nervous breakdown in a remote outpost in the Dutch East Indies receives the visit of an elegant lady from the European community in the area’s capital who offers him a large sum of money to perform an illegal operation. Although he does need the money, her (...)

  • "Chess Story (Schachnovelle)" (1942) by Stefan Zweig

    by Stefan Zweig

    Having learnt that the world chess champion is on board the ship that’s taking him from New York to Buenos Aires, the narrator organises a match at high stakes – the hard-nosed champion only plays for money – against the combined forces of the chess enthusiasts on the boat. The champion scornfully (...)

  • "Mendel the Book-dealer (Buchmendel)" (1929) by Stefan Zweig

    by Stefan Zweig

    The narrator recounts how he had taken shelter unexpectedly in a suburban café where he suddenly remembered having met twenty years before Mendel, a book-handler who possessed a phenomenal memory for the slightest details of any book he had ever seen or read about.
    Famous in his day, he had now (...)

  • "The Invisible Collection" and other stories by Stefan Zweig

    by Stefan Zweig

    1. TWO LONELY SOULS (1901) A disabled lad limps home at the end of the day’s work in his factory, left behind by the other workers because of his handicap. He stops when he hears sobbing by the roadside and tries to console another social outcast, a female worker at the (...)