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"The Mixed Men" novel (1952) by A. E. van Vogt

dimanche 27 janvier 2019, par A. E. van Vogt

The inhabitants of the 70 inhabited planets of the Fifty Suns civilisation in the Greater Magellanic Cloud galaxy are up against a gigantic invading warship from Earth bent on finding them out and integrating them into their empire that rules the Milky Way galaxy.

Based on somewhat modified versions of the stories Concealment (1943), The Storm (1943) and The Mixed Men (1945), with a considerable amount of additional text [1] — 8 of its 24 chapters were entirely new — this is a wide-ranging and imaginative golden-age tale centred on the evolutionary potentialities of the human race as epitomised by its central character Captain Peter Maltby, leader of the advanced Mixed Men minority of the Fifty Suns civilisation.

(45,000 words)

An e-book is available for downloading below.

The Mixed Men novel (e-book)

[1whereas the stories took place in the Lesser Magellanic Cloud galaxy, the novel was transferred to the Greater Magellanic Cloud galaxy when the author realised that the star S-Doroadus, that plays a key role in both versions, is in fact located in the latter galaxy.