novelette: 7,500 to 17,499 words; novella: 17,500 to 40,000 words; novel: over 40,000 words.

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  • "The Ghost" (1942) by A. E. van Vogt

    by A. E. van Vogt

    This rare excursion of van Vogt into the realm of fantasy first appeared in the August 1942 issue of the highly regarded Unknown Worlds bi-monthly magazine.
    This unusual 12,500-word ghost novelette with whodunit and time-conundrum elements, written during van Vogt’s Canadian days when he was (...)

  • "The Witch" (1943) by A. E. van Vogt

    by A. E. van Vogt

    One of van Vogt’s few ventures into the fantasy realm (if witch stories can be so described that is, sometimes one wonders. . .), this solid, nicely-developed novelette about a very old – but not for long if she gets her way with the lovely body of the hero’s wife – and particularly tricky one (...)

  • "Rogue Ship" (1950) by A. E. van Vogt

    by A. E. van Vogt

    This rousing space-opera extravaganza starts off with a bang when the very wealthy and scientifically-minded hero learns that the spaceship that he had built to ship a colony to the far-away Alpha Centauri star system six years ago – to escape a forthcoming nova-explosion of the sun which only (...)

  • "The Ultra Man" (1966) by A. E. van Vogt

    by A. E. van Vogt

    On a large and very cosmopolitan United Nations space-station on the moon, a gifted psychologist is explaining to a colleague what people way down on the street below are thinking and saying just by studying the expressions on their faces through field-glasses, when all of a sudden he declares (...)