3. A selection of Chekhov stories

Articles in this section

  • "A Visit With Friends" by Anton Chekhov (1898)

    by Anton Chekhov

    Podgorin, a thirty-year-old lawyer, receives a mail from Tatyana and Varya, two young women of his age with whom he’d been very close ten years previously, asking him to come for a visit to Tatyana’s family home where she lives with husband and two young children and her young sister Nadezhda. He (...)

  • "Green Scythe" and other stories by Anton Chekhov

    by Anton Chekhov

    More outstanding stories by the most prolific short-story writer in the history of world literature. CONTENTS
    1. GREEN SCYTHE (1882) The narrator and his friends love to spend their summers on the Black Sea with with the vivacious Olya. Life is gay there but there’s a problem: Olga had promised (...)

  • "Lost Business" and other previously-untranslated Chekhov stories

    by Anton Chekhov

    A further selection of the best stories of the great Russian writer that have so far remained untranslated into English. CONTENTS
    1. LOST BUSINESS (1882) The narrator recounts how on a lovely spring day he’d gone to see his beloved Varya to empty his heart and soul to her. He’d mumbled a few (...)