2. A selection of Stefan Zweig stories and essays

Articles in this section

  • "Twilight Story" by Stefan Zweig (1908)

    by Stefan Zweig

    A fifteen-year-old English boy on holiday in the grand Scottish castle of his relatives wanders into the grounds late at night, fascinated by its somewhat eerie atmosphere. Where he’s abruptly accosted in the dark by a passionate young woman who vigorously embraces him before fleeing. Unable to (...)

  • "Unexpected Acquaintance with a Craft" by Stefan Zweig (1934)

    by Stefan Zweig

    Returning to Paris after a two-year absence, the narrator decides to just do nothing other than soak up the atmosphere of the boulevards and watch the crowds passing by there. Which enables him to identify a pickpocket and to study the fellow’s expert technique. When he follows the man on his (...)

  • "Springtime in the Prater (Praterfrühling)" by Stefan Zweig (1900)

    by Stefan Zweig

    A young woman in an elegant building in the most select part of Vienna is quite beside herself with annoyance because the new gown that she has ordered for Derby Day has failed to arrive on time, obliging her to miss the fancy event. Finally she decides to put on her oldest dress and just go (...)