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"David Copperfield" (1850) by Charles Dickens

mercredi 17 février 2021, par Charles Dickens

This portrait of a sensitive young boy’s struggles with his school mentors and with his schoolmates is as powerful and humanistic as anything Dickens or anyone else ever wrote, and the hard-hearted but oh-so-smooth uncle Mr. Murdstone is as worthy a villain — always a Dickens strong point — as any in his oeuvre.

One of Dickens’s best-known and most-read works, with wonderfully characteristic and even famous secondary characters such as the creepy Uriah Heep and the eternally optimistic and forbearing Mr. Micawber. An enduring classic.

With all of the 40 original captioned illustrations by Phiz [1] that appeared in the initial serial publication of the novel in 19 magazine editions between May 1849 and November 1850.

(356,000 words)

An e-book of the novel, with all of Phiz’s illustrations, is available for downloading below.

David Copperfield (e-book)