German Studies

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  • German prefixes and suffixes - an overview

    by Ray

    The German language has a large number of prefixes and suffixes whose function is to enable the formation of an open-ended number of new words by adding new nuances, aspects and dimensions to other words.
    These powerful tools can be added in front of or behind just about anything to create (...)

  • The astonishing vocabulary of Thomas Mann’s "The Magic Mountain"

    by Ray

    Readers of Thomas Mann’s great opus The Magic Mountain (1924) cannot fail to be impressed with the tremendous range of the vocabulary in this masterful evocation of a pre-WW1 world on the brink of a global catastrophe.
    One striking aspect of the vocabulary in this work — its quite amazing number (...)

  • The average number of meanings per word in German (and maybe English too)

    by Ray

    Based on a study of the evolving number of words in the successive editions of our German-English Literary Dictionary, we can safely venture to say that, for German:
    there are about 2 meanings per word on average for the 10,000 or so most commonly-used words (such as those listed in the (...)