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AUTHOR_________ TITLE___________________________________________ GENRE________ SECTION_____
1 Nelson Algren A Selection of Nelson Aldren’s Best Short Stories anthology Great Stories
2 Nelson Algren The Great Baseball Scandal essay Memoirs/Essays
3 Kingsley Amis S-F “drink” stories anthology Sci-fi
4 Harry Bates A Matter of Size novella [1] Sci-fi
5 Harry Bates Farewell to the Master (The Day the Earth Stood Still) novelette Sci-fi
6 Frederick Brown Mitkey Rides Again short story Sci-fi
7 Frederick Brown The Star Mouse short story Sci-fi
8 W. R. Burnett Little Caesar novel Thrillers
9 John Campbell Who Goes There? novella Sci-fi
10 Anton Chekhov Anyuta and other Chekhov stories anthology Chekhov
11 Anton Chekhov Easter Eve and other Chekhov stories anthology Chekhov
12 Anton Chekhov From the Diary of a Violent-tempered Man short story Chekhov
13 Anton Chekhov The Huntsman and other Chekhov stories anthology Chekhov
14 Anton Chekhov The Lady with the Dog and other stories anthology Chekhov
15 Anton Chekhov Ward No. 6 and other stories anthology Chekhov
16 Hal Clement Uncommon Sense short story Sci-fi
17 Charles Dickens Dr. Marigold’s Prescriptions novelette Dickens
18 Charles Dickens Little Dorrit novel Dickens
19 Josef and Wilhelm Grimm Three Grimm Brothers Witch Tales anthology Great Stories
20 Henry Hasse He Who Shrank novella Sci-fi
21 Heinrich Hoffmann Shock-Headed Peter (Der Struwwelpeter) short story Great Stories
22 Albrecht Haushofer Sonnets From the Prison of Moabit poems Poetry
23 Geoffrey Household Rogue Male novel Thrillers
24 E. Mayne Hull The Wishes We Make short story Sci-fi
25 Martin Johnson Through the South Seas with Jack London memoir Jack London
26 Raymond F. Jones Correspondence Course short story Sci-fi
27 Franz Kafka In the Penal Colony novelette Great Stories
28 Gottfried Keller Clothes Make People (Kleider machen Leute) novelette Great Stories
29 Omar Khayyam The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam poem Poetry
30 Henry Kuttner Exit the Professor short story Sci-fi
31 Henry Kuttner The Proud Robot novelette Sci-fi
32 Henry Kuttner/
C. L. Lewis
The Twonky short story Sci-fi
33 Jack London A Selection of South Seas/Hawaii stories anthology Jack London
34 Jack London A Thousand Deaths short story Jack London
35 Jack London Before Adam novella Jack London
36 Jack London Burning Daylight novel Jack London
37 Jack London By the Turtles of Tasman and other stories anthology Jack London
38 Jack London Eleven of Jack London’s best Far North stories anthology Jack London
39 Jack London Jack London’s two great boxing stories anthology Jack London
40 Jack London Jack London’s two war stories anthology Jack London
41 Jack London Lost Face short story Jack London
42 Jack London Martin Eden novel Jack London
43 Jack London Survival in the Klondike anthology Jack London
44 Jack London That Spot short story Jack London
45 Jack London The Abysmal Brute novella Jack London
46 Jack London The Call of the Wild novella Jack London
47 Jack London The Cruise of the Dazzler novella Jack London
48 Jack London The Game novelette Jack London
49 Jack London The Heathen novelette Jack London
50 Jack London The Hobo and the Fairy short story Jack London
51 Jack London The Iron Heel novel Jack London
52 Jack London The Mutiny of the Elsinore novel Jack London
53 Jack London The People of the Abyss memoir Jack London
54 Jack London The Road memoir Jack London
55 Jack London The Scarlet Plague novella Jack London
56 Jack London The Sea Wolf novel Jack London
57 Jack London The Shadow and the Flash short story Jack London
58 Jack London The Star Rover novel Jack London
59 Jack London The Sundowners and other Far North stories anthology Jack London
60 Jack London The White Man’s Way and other Klondike stories anthology Jack London
61 Jack London White Fang novel Jack London
62 Jack London/ Charles Goddard Hearts of Three novel Jack London
63 Gavin Lyall The Most Dangerous Game novel Thrillers
64 Guy de Maupassant An Outing in the Countryside and other stories anthology Maupassant
65 Guy de Maupassant At the Spa and other previously untranslated stories anthology Maupassant
66 Guy de Maupassant Boule de Suif and other famous stories anthology Maupassant
67 Guy de Maupassant La Petite Roque and other stories anthology Maupassant
68 Guy de Maupassant On the Water and other stories anthology Maupassant
69 Guy de Maupassant Solitude and other previously untranslated stories anthology Maupassant
70 Guy de Maupassant The adventures of the Marquise and the Baroness anthology Maupassant
71 Guy de Maupassant The Night and other stories anthology Maupassant
72 Herman Melville Typee memoir Memoirs/Essays
73 Ray An anthology of famous French poems, with their English translations poems Poetry
74 Ray An anthology of great English Poems poems Poetry
75 Ray Trésor de la poésie française poems Poetry
76 Robert Silverberg MUGWUMP 4 short story Sci-fi
77 Clifford Simak Skirmish (Bathe Your Bearings in Blood) short story Sci-fi
78 Robert Louis Stevenson The Bottle Imp novelette Great Stories
79 Theodore Sturgeon The Golden Egg short story Sci-fi
80 William Tenn Liberation of Earth short story Sci-fi
81 Ludwig Tieck The Golden Cup short story Great Stories
82 Mark Twain The Awful German Language humour German Studies
83 Jan Valtin Children of Yesterday WW2 report Memoirs/Essays
84 Jan Valtin Out of the Night political memoir Memoirs/Essays
85 A. E. van Vogt Away and Beyond anthology van Vogt
86 A. E. van Vogt Black Destroyer novelette van Vogt
87 A. E. van Vogt Centaurus II novella van Vogt
88 A. E. van Vogt Destination Universe! anthology van Vogt
89 A. E. van Vogt Discord in Scarlet novelette van Vogt
90 A. E. van Vogt Dormant short story van Vogt
91 A. E. van Vogt Femworld short story van Vogt
92 A. E. van Vogt Fifteen Golden-Age Stories anthology van Vogt
93 A. E. van Vogt Haunted Atoms short story van Vogt
94 A. E. van Vogt Juggernaut short story van Vogt
95 A. E. van Vogt M33 in Andromeda short story van Vogt
96 A. E. van Vogt Not Only Dead Men novelette van Vogt
97 A. E. van Vogt Ride In, Killer! novelette van Vogt
98 A. E. van Vogt Rogue Ship novelette van Vogt
99 A. E. van Vogt Slan novel van Vogt
100 A. E. van Vogt The Beast novella van Vogt
101 A. E. van Vogt The Book of Ptath novel van Vogt
102 A. E. van Vogt The Cataaaaa short story van Vogt
103 A. E. van Vogt The First Rull short story van Vogt
104 A. E. van Vogt The Ghost novelette van Vogt
105 A. E. van Vogt The Harmonizer short story van Vogt
106 A. E. van Vogt The House That Stood Still novel van Vogt
107 A. E. van Vogt The Mixed Men Stories anthology van Vogt
108 A. E. van Vogt The Monster short story van Vogt
109 A. E. van Vogt The Perfect Day short story van Vogt
110 A. E. van Vogt The Players of Null-A novel van Vogt
111 A. E. van Vogt The Proxy Intelligence novella van Vogt
112 A. E. van Vogt The Replicators short story van Vogt
113 A. E. van Vogt The Sea Thing novelette van Vogt
114 A. E. van Vogt The Shadow Men novel van Vogt
115 A. E. van Vogt The Ship of Darkness short story van Vogt
116 A. E. van Vogt The Silkie Stories anthology van Vogt
117 A. E. van Vogt The Star-Saint novelette van Vogt
118 A. E. van Vogt The Ultra Man novelette van Vogt
119 A. E. van Vogt The Voyage of the Space Beagle novel van Vogt
120 A. E. van Vogt The Weapon Makers novel van Vogt
121 A. E. van Vogt The Weapon Shop novelette van Vogt
122 A. E. van Vogt The Weapon Shops of Isher novella van Vogt
123 A. E. van Vogt The Weapon Shops of Isher - the novel novel van Vogt
124 A. E. van Vogt The Witch novelette van Vogt
125 A. E. van Vogt The World of Null-A novel van Vogt
126 A. E. van Vogt Vault of the Beast novelette van Vogt
127 A. E. van Vogt War of Nerves novelette van Vogt
128 Robert Walser The Promenade novella Great Stories
129 William Wordsworth Tintern Abbey – the original text poem Poetry
130 Robert F. Young When Time was New novelette Sci-fi
131 Stefan Zweig In the Snow and other stories anthology Great Stories
132 Stefan Zweig Letter From an Unknown Woman novelette Great Stories
133 Stefan Zweig The Conquest of Constantinople essay Great Stories

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[1novelette: 7,500 to 17,499 words; novella: 17,500 to 40,000 words; novel: >40,000 words.