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  • "Who Goes There?" (1938) - an iconic sci-fi story by John Campbell

    by John Campbell

    A scientific expedition in Antarctica discovers the remnants of an alien spaceship that had crashed there millions of years ago, and decides – unwisely – to melt the frozen remnants of one of the forms found nearby. When the alien being revives and reveals incredible shape-changing abilities and (...)

  • "Liberation of Earth" (1953) by William Tenn

    by William Tenn

    First published in the May 1953 issue of Future Science Fiction, this amusing, insightful and thought-provoking satire of human pretentiousness in a galactic environment – the Earth is invaded by warring very-superior, very-different and very-uncaring aliens, with very terrifying results – was (...)

  • "The Golden Egg" (1941) by Theodore Sturgeon

    by Theodore Sturgeon

    This quite wonderful exploration of man-woman relationships by an enormously superior being from another dimension of space-time will for sure have you chuckling and nodding in agreement throughout, and admiring the skill and talent of Theodore Sturgeon in his initial and possibly most creative (...)

  • "Mitkey Rides Again" (1950) by Frederic Brown

    by Frederic Brown

    If you liked Frederic Brown’s superb story The Star Mouse about the rocket scientist Professor Oberburger and his precious and very precocious mouse-assistant Mitkey - and how could you not have liked/loved it? - then you will want to catch up on the later adventures of Mitkey and his Minnie (...)