The astonishing vocabulary of Thomas Mann’s "The Magic Mountain"

(actualisé le ) by Ray

Readers of Thomas Mann’s great opus The Magic Mountain (1924) cannot fail to be impressed with the tremendous range of the vocabulary in this masterful evocation of a pre-WW1 world on the brink of a global catastrophe.

One striking aspect of the vocabulary in this work — its quite amazing number (3,300+) of neologisms (words not defined in the leading German-language dictionaries) — has been analysed in a separate article.

Below we have listed the full vocabulary of this magnificent text: ALL of its 36,097 different words.

As can be seen elsewhere on this site, this is almost certainly the largest vocabulary (in the sense of "the number of different words") of any one-volume novel in the whole history of Western literature ! [1]

An XLS version of this compendium is available for downloading below.

Der Zauberberg - Wortschatz


[1with the possible — but not very probable — exception of Russian literature, that was not included in our study.