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  • Marcel Proust and the 4th Dimension

    by Ray

    While the concept of a fourth dimension of "space-time" is generally associated with the theory of General Relativity developed by Albert Einstein between 1907 and 1915 and published in 1916, we would like to point out in ths anniversary year of the publication of the first volume of Marcel (...)

  • Shakespeare on Football

    by William Shakespeare

    In King Lear, Act I, Scene IV, 76-84, there is the following dialogue: Lear: "O! you sir, you, come you hither, sir. Who am I, sir? Oswald: My Lady’s father. Lear: ’My Lady’s Father!’ my Lord’s knave: you whore-son dog! you slave! you cur! Oswald: I am none of these, my Lord; I beseech your pardon. (...)

  • Interesting things read recently that I would like to share with you

    by Ray

    Moby Dick, by Herman Melville (1851)
    Barchester Towers, by Anthony Trollope (1857)
    Little Dorrit, by Charles Dickens (1857)
    A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens (1859)
    Adam Bede, by George Eliot (1859)
    The Mill on The Floss, by George Eliot (1860)
    Silas Marner, by (...)

  • "I Love Awfully Bad Writing", by James Clarke (2005)

    by James Clark

    I Love Awfully Bad Writing
    I love awfully bad writing. Indeed I can say (with all due modesty) that I am quite good at it myself. This might explain why I am fascinated by the annual Bulwyer-Lytton Fiction Contest for the worst opening to a novel.
    Every year since 1984 San Jose State (...)