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  • Roller bobo

    Ray’s latest roller exploit : 6 stitches and a black eye of near-record proportions! When will he ever learn (to wear his ****** helmet) ???

  • La tour génoise de Monacia (dite d’Olmeto)

    Il reste aujourd’hui en Corse une soixantaine de ces tours construites à partir du 16e siècle pour surveiller l’arrivée éventuelle de pirates. Ce site près de Monacia d’Aullène (à la Punta di Canniscionu) est non seulement d’une beauté sublime, face aux côtes de Sardaigne, mais constitue aussi une zone de fouilles exceptionnelles où des restes d’occupation humaine ont été retrouvés et permettent de remonter jusqu’à 8500 av.JC!

    On aperçoit dans le fond l’Uomo di Cagna (1217m).

  • Vacances au Québec

    Quelle coupure exceptionnelle que dix jours au Québec dans la neige canadienne! Michelle et Thomas, Claire et Joël, Sabine et Vincent et tous les enfants... tous ensemble sur les rives de la Chaudière à St-Isidore-en-Beauce...

    Au programme, entre de bons petits plats et beaucoup de bon temps: promenades en raquettes, glissades, chiens de traineau, excursion du côté des Hurons, feu d’artifice d’ouverture des festivités du 400e anniversaire de Québec, Chutes de Montmorency...

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  • Some Thomas Hardy Books

    by Ray

    Far From the Madding Crowd (1874)
    This novel was the first of Thomas Hardy’s major works, and this Penguin Classics edition is the first time it has ever been published in its original manuscript form, without the zillion cuts and corrections made by the editor of the original serialized (...)

  • Some George Eliot books

    by Ray

    Adam Bede (1859)
    A rich, complex, indubitably well-written tale of seduction and disappointment in a bucolic, pastoral setting that has its charms, even though one could find the almost ethnological concentration on the ways and manners of the village people herein portrayed not quite as (...)

  • Some Ismail Kadare books

    by Ray

    Chronicle in Stone (1970)
    A homely and almost nostalgic evocation of life in a sleepy provincial Albanian town in the 1940s before, during, and after its occupation by Italian, German and partisan forces (in that sequence) during the Second World War. The politics are almost surprisingly (...)

  • Some E.T.A. Hoffmann books

    by Ray

    The Devil’s Elixirs (1815)
    Hoffmann is one of the masters of the romantic movement in Germany, he is one of my favourite authors, and this book is usually considered to be his masterpiece, so Achtung!
    This novel, his first, about the doings of a strange monk who guards a mysterious elixir of (...)

  • Some Mario Vargas Llosa books

    by Ray

    The Cubs and other stories (1959)
    This was Mario Vargas Llosa’s first published story, about growing up and learning about life on the streets in Lima, a theme he developed extensively in his impressive first full-length novel The Time of the Hero (La ville et les chiens). Darned interesting. (...)