Lexical analysis 2 of "The Magic Mountain" - the complete vocabulary in alphabetic sequence

(actualisé le ) by Ray

Readers of Thomas Mann’s great opus The Magic Mountain (1924) cannot fail to be impressed with the tremendous range of the vocabulary in this masterful evocation of a pre-WW1 world on the brink of a global catastrophe.

One striking aspect of the vocabulary in this work - its quite amazing number (3300+) of neologisms [1] - has already been analysed elsewhere on this site.

Below we have listed the full vocabulary of this magnificent text - ALL of its 36,097 different words.

As can be seen in a separate article on the site, this is the largest vocabulary (in the sense of "the number of different words") of any one-volume novel in the history of Western literature [2]!!

An XLS version of this compendium is available for downloading below.

Der Zauberberg - Wortschatz




[1by "neologisms" we mean words that are not defined in the leading German-language dictionaries.

[2with the possible - but not very probable - exception of Russian literature.