"Ocean’s Twelve", by Steven Soderbergh

(actualisé le ) by Ray

This film has pleased the critics - it has had really good reviews in France in any case. And it has pleased, and will continue to do so I am sure, those who saw and enjoyed its very successful predecessor, Ocean’s Eleven - there is a sort of gay group ambiance where everyone is having fun and enjoying being together and feeling on top of the world, a party atmosphere that no one at the party, and that includes the spectators, would want to spoil, naturally enough. And there are a lot of nice, friendly and even famous people in the film, it has a sophisticated story, it takes place in attractive places like Amsterdam and Paris and Rome, it is very well done. And there is Catherine Zeta-Jones to look at not to say gape at throughout the film. What more could one want?

But is it a film for les grandes personnes? Is this a story that could happen in the real world we live in as opposed to the one that our little children see in the movies they love and admire, where genies appear at the stroke of a magic lamp and wonders not to say miracles happen every couple of minutes? Could these amazing feats be organised and accomplished so rapidly and faultlessly and repeatedly? Are real criminals like that? Are real policepersons like that? Would the French authorities, inferior and idiotic and contemptible as they undoubtedly are, really do what they do in this film with the most priceless jewel in the world? Would the archthief be able to egress the way he ingresses while hanging onto his booty as well? Would the Italian police, pathetic and comical as they undoubtedly are, actually let our heroes do what they do? Can this film be compared with the great heist films of the past? I believe that the answers to the above questions are : no, no, no, no, no and no.

So, do go and see this film and enjoy yourself. But let’s cut out the c... about its artistic and cinematographic merits, please.