New thoughts this year 2006

(actualisé le ) by Dylan

Merry New Year’s everyone.

Head is swimming. Booze and frolic and dance and all. It was the night. The night to imagine the world stops spinning and fills up to the brim in champagne and joy that we made with our own hands. A night to scream about being alive, life is only going to get better.

And thanks. And we give thanks to the world carrying us through this life. To the moments gone and remembered like they were a moment ago, the moments gone and forgotten but that take us to a distant place in this moment. To the time shared with everything and everyone, we give thanks.

Last night life spun on its head, I heard a firework crackle in the night’s falling snow and turned around to find the stroke of twelve had passed in a blur. The strange countdown had jumped a beat and I was sharing hugs with all around. And then it fell into a gesture of appreciation here, a knowing smile there, a longing touch here, a distancing there. New Year’s had found my father and mother together, my friends in London doing this and some here doing that. I spoke to some and others got lost in the spin. At some point there were 25 missed calls on the phone that had gone missing. It was all kicking off everywhere. Everything was excited and extraordinary.

And I felt safe. Somewhere in the rolling waves of good tidings and cheer I stood inside myself and at a slight distance and felt good about the people I had travelled here with, and felt free that they were the people who I didn’t know as well. I stood with myself, alone, and felt safe. It was all going to come and go like a dream. The New Year’s resolution was happening as I looked up and didn’t recognize anyone but felt right next to love. It was all the people who I believe exist in my life. They really exist and there is so much love connecting between them.

My New Year’s resolution was to just keep things as they were.

I was with friends present and distant and I knew it was all happening. and I didn’t want it to change. Happily I can say, let the New Year flow on with the strength of the last and keep propelling us on in this reality. It is a lot. It is enough. I am in love with the world I’ve met - the world I know, and the world that just keeps coming. It’s gonna be alright. It’s gonna be the same and it’s always been different.

I love you all, and to all, let it all be the same again.

Happy New Year.

xoxo D

P.S. Mom says its a good day to change your sheets.