The family tree of James Smith in Scotland since 1685

(actualisé le ) by Serge

This interesting chart, developed by Serge Benedetti and largely based on the data kindly provided by Howard Geddes [1], shows the family tree of our ancestor James Smith (1821-1917) [2], the pioneer founder of the Canadian branch of our family, from his great-great grandfather William Smith (1685-?) on downwards.

26.1.2012 - extensively updated, with:

  • much new data;
  • a number of minor corrections;
  • supplementary documentation throughout, indicated by a red indicator in the upper-right-hand corner of a given square [3]
  • the following colour scheme to indicate the degree of certainty of the data, in descending order of probable accuracy:
    • black: certain, very probable or probable - provided by Howard Geddes;
    • light red: conjectural, but based on data in the IGI [4] data base and/or in the site, and coherent with the other elements;
    • brown: very conjectural, but based on data in the IGI data base and in the site (in the McKinnon and Poulter family trees);
    • green: very conjectural, only based on data in the site (in the McKinnon and Poulter family trees).


[1great-great-grandson of Margaret Smith (1816-1921), the elder sister of James Smith.

[2paternal great-grandfather of Sandy, John and David Smith.

[3the information in these squares can be displayed either by pointing on the red indicator, or by right-clicking on the square and choosing the "display comments" option.

[4the International Genealogical Index of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, based in Utah, USA.