The Ultimate Roller-Ride

(actualisé le ) by Ray

Giannuccio (pop.: 70, altitude: 500m.) is a cosy little hamlet nestled in the mountains 8 kilometres up the road from the bigger village of Monaccia d’Aullène (pop.: 400, altitude: 100 m.) in southern Corsica.

It is best known as the starting-off point for the two-and-a-half-hour hike up to the glorious "Omo di Cagna" ("Homme de Cagne"), a towering suspended rock in the vague shape of one of us, overlooking a stupendous thousand-meter drop down to the Straits of Bonifaccio way down there.

Well get this: the road from the main highway (at more or less sea level) has just recently been beautifully paved all the way up to Giannuccio - where the road stops, so there is no through traffic!!

The point is not only that Giannnuccio is an interesting place to go to because of the nice people up there and the great view and the amazingly pure air and the hike up to the Omo di Cagna and the get-away-from-it-all feel of it all: as far as I am concerned it is one of the world’s great places to go for a roller ride, because of the geography and the excellence of the surface combined with the exceptionally low level of traffic.

The 8km-long steady uphill (400 m.) climb getting there from Monaccia is a real challenge on skates (the current record is 46 minutes without a break), but the big reward for all that effort is the fun and excitement (never mind the danger of the 4 steep-downhill hairpin curves that have to be seen to be believed) of the 10.5km magnificent and very fast run all the way down from Giannuccio through Monaccia to the N196 highway.

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