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  • "Martin Eden" (1909) by Jack London

    by Jack London

    This is about a rough, uneducated, young 20-year-old sailor and ex-gang-leader with a lot of drive and years of sailing all over the high seas behind him getting introduced to high society after having rescued the son of a wealthy family from a street brawl.
    He rapidly develops strong ideas (...)

  • "The Game" (1905) - a boxing story by Jack London

    by Jack London

    Joe and Genevieve are shopping for rugs and things for their new life together when they will be married in a week’s time. But first Joe, who is a local celebrity because of his prowess at the Game – boxing – has one last fight to get through before settling down with Genevieve to his new life. (...)

  • "By the Turtles of Tasman" (1911) and other stories by Jack London

    by Jack London

    A selection of tales by the author of Lost Face, The Hobo and the Fairy, The Heathen, A Piece of Steak and so many other masterful short stories and novelettes. TABLE OF CONTENTS
    1. Plague Ship (1897) – on a grossly-overcrowded passenger ship, a deadly epidemic of yellow fever breaks out that (...)

  • "White Fang" (1906) by Jack London

    by Jack London

    WHITE FANG The first paragraph of this tale of a wolf-dog coming to terms with civilization will make you want to read on : Dark spruce forest frowned on either side the frozen waterway. The trees had been stripped by a recent wind of their white covering of frost, and they seemed to lean (...)

  • "Burning Daylight" (1910) - Jack London’s last Klondike novel

    by Jack London

    This long (112,00-words) and quite ambitious rags-to-riches (and back) story has a long first part describing the adventures of the central personage Elam Harnish – known by one and all as Burning Daylight because of his habit of routing his comrades out of their blankets with the complaint that (...)